What happens before departure

Once you arrive in Hobart and before departure by ship, you will be issued with field clothing from the AAD clothing store. You must ensure clothing fits correctly when issued as spares on station are limited.

You will usually be required to attend pre-departure station and field training. This will vary according to your proposed activities. For more information on this, check out our training pages.

Before embarking on ships or aircraft, you will also receive comprehensive safety instructions and drills.

On arrival at the station

On arrival at station, the station leader and key support personnel will meet with you to discuss your approved programme and how it will be supported on the ground.

You need to be aware that a range of factors may require alteration to your plans. Issues affecting your programme support may include:

  • completion of required field training
  • preparation of field equipment and rations
  • vehicle availability
  • preparation of hazardous cargo for flights
  • weather and progress of the aviation program
  • changes you wish to make
  • aerial reconnaissance.