A man stands on the ice next to a sign

"An amazing place" Dave Buller returns as Casey research station leader

This season’s Station Leader for Casey research station is Dave Buller. Read more

A woman smiling at the camera

A love for adventure: new Station Leader for Davis research station

This season’s Station Leader for Davis research station is Dani Yannopoulos. Read more

Scientist inside a large cylindrical tent with an ice core.

2000 year ice core record explores link between Australian drought and greenhouse gases

A 2000 year ice core record of snowfall in East Antarctica shows that reduced… Read more

Vaccine on ice arrives in Antarctica

First delivery of COVID-19 vaccine to Australia’s Antarctic research… Read more

Epic Australian Antarctic season under way

First aviation operations open Australian Antarctic season for 2021-22 Read more

A large yellow cargo ship with snow covered hills behind

Antarctic shipping update

The Australian Antarctic Program has a high tempo shipping season planned,… Read more

A red ship on the horizon heading away from camera


Due to the recently announced Tasmanian COVID-19 lockdown, plans to welcome… Read more

A woman in cold weather gear standing in front of a beautiful blue icy lake

Antarctic ecologist wins Eureka prize

Australian Antarctic Division ecologist Dr Dana Bergstrom has won the 2021… Read more

three women smiling at the camera

Celebrating 40 years of the Australian Antarctic Division

For 40 years now, the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) has attracted… Read more

A man signing a paper, with another looking on.

Celebrating 30 years of Antarctic environmental protection

Today Australia celebrates the 30th anniversary of the ‘Madrid Protocol’… Read more

A group of expeditioners in yellow jackets sit in front of a tall Automatic Weather Station

Traverse to Law Dome

Expeditioners from Casey research station have travelled to the Antarctic… Read more

A man in cold weather gear standing in a snow trench measuring an ice core

Australian Antarctic Division drills into ambitious new season

The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) will embark on one of its most… Read more

Large red ship turning in front of a cloud covered island

Follow new icebreaker’s journey home!

Excitement is building for the arrival of Australia’s new Antarctic icebreaker… Read more

A man plays a guitar on the deck of a ship

Health care on the high seas

Medical expertise honed over decades in Antarctic and maritime environments… Read more

Four scientists on the sea ice deploying instruments into a hole, with two hagglund vehicles behind.

Listening for marine life at Davis

Moorings deployed beneath the sea ice near Davis station are listening… Read more

Father's Day 2021

Our emperor penguin chicks made this video to wish everyone a very Happy… Read more

A lady sits on a white podium in an art gallery in front of a print of a tree filled with blue budgerigars

Seabirds in the spotlight for the Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship

Australian photographer Leila Jeffreys has been awarded the 2022 Australian… Read more

Six people embarking on a ropes course wearing hardhats.

Learning the ropes

Doctors destined for Australia’s remote Antarctic research stations have… Read more

A dusky shot showing a paracute neatly laid on the ice being pulled toward a trailor sat behind a Hagglund

Airdrop delivers critical supplies to Mawson research station

Expeditioners have been treated to an early Christmas following the successful… Read more

A woman standing behind a dart gun taking aim at a board in the distance.

Tag, you’re it: Researchers look to the skies for tracking Southern Ocean whales

Scientists have strapped themselves into bullet proof vests at a firearms… Read more

A man and a woman hold up a map of Antarctica between them and smile to camera

More to a map than meets the eye

The most detailed map of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean to be produced… Read more

Three healthy Emperor penguins

Emperor penguins face extinction risk from Antarctic sea ice loss

Dire projections for emperor penguin survival. Read more

Beer glasses

Antarctic alcohol policy in line with healthy drinking limits

New policy to limit alcohol consumption at Australian research stations Read more

A man on Macquarie Island, standing beside two back packs and a solar panel, with snow covered grass and mountains in the distance.

Shaking up earthquake science on Macquarie Island

Macquarie Island, and the steep underwater mountain chain from which it… Read more

Red and yellow tents in the snow with an Australian flag flying

First call to join working groups for Million Year Ice Core project

The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) is seeking expressions of interest… Read more

Red and white futuristic building in snowy landscape.

Travel across Antarctica by podcast

An epic journey for the Antarctic Treaty. Read more

a rocky landscape covered in snow

Winter investigations to commence for the Davis Aerodrome Project

Geotechnical surveys during a cold dark Antarctica winter Read more

An aeriel view looking down a grassy hill, across a small isthmus with buildings on it, towards a grassy plateau

Public comment sought on Macquarie Island station renovation

A plan to renovate Australia’s ageing research station on remote sub-Antarctic… Read more

Australian Antarctic Medal sitting in a blue velvet box

Australian Antarctic Medals awarded

Two long-time Antarctic scientists, a chef and a plumber have been awarded… Read more

Midwinter Day in Antarctica celebrated with ice-hole plunge

Expeditioners take a dip to mark Midwinters Read more

A grey-headed albatross and its fluffy chick on a nest, surrounded by grassy vegetation.

Saving seabirds

On World Albatross Day, find out how scientists are working to address… Read more

A translucent amphipod with a green gut, and a pink bivalve under the microscope.

Clean bill of health for Macquarie Island marine life

After more than a decade cleaning up fuel spills near Macquarie Island… Read more

Colourful buildings in a snowy landscape.

Industry Participation Register for Davis Aerodrome Project now open

The Davis Aerodrome Project seeks industry interest. Read more

Atmospheric instruments inside a wooden fence on Macquarie Island.

Supercooled secrets of Southern Ocean clouds

A study of ‘supercooled’ Southern Ocean clouds promises to improve… Read more

An old map showing a surveyed section of the Antarctic coast.

Century of Antarctic science celebrated by Australia, UK and Switzerland

Public lecture in Hobart on Antarctic science Read more

Explosive cyclones off Antarctica contribute to ice shelf calving

Explosive cyclones off East Antarctica in 2019 caused a massive iceberg… Read more

A group of expeditioners standing in the snow holding up Happy Mother's Day signs

Mother's Day 2021

Mother's Day greetings from our Antarctic and sub-Antarctic stations Read more

Equipment and a helicopter on a snow-covered glacier in Antarctica.

New research: contribution of land ice to 21st century sea level rise

Limiting global warming to 1.5°C could halve the contribution to sea level… Read more

Emperor penguins underwater

Momentum builds for Southern Ocean protection

New Antarctic Marine Protected Areas gain international support Read more

New Centre for Antarctic and Southern Ocean Technology

A new collaborative Centre for Antarctic and Southern Ocean Technology… Read more

Four people looking at the camera, wearing headphones and one holding a microphone.

Antarctic Media Program now open for applications

The Australian Antarctic Media Program provides opportunities for media… Read more

ship anchored at dock

Epic Australian Antarctic season concludes with safe return of resupply ship

End of an Australian Antarctic season like no other Read more

Resupply ship alongside the dock in Fremantle

MPV Everest returns safely to Fremantle

Australia's chartered Antarctic resupply ship concludes voyage Read more

A large blue and white tug boat in a calm ocean.

Update: support vessel nearing fire-damaged MPV Everest

A support vessel is on its way to meet Australia’s chartered Antarctic… Read more

large tug at anchor

Update: support ship heads south to accompany MPV Everest

Offshore tug deployed to meet Antarctic resupply ship Read more

Update: plans underway for a support ship to assist Australian Antarctic vessel

Support ship to accompany resupply vessel to Fremantle Read more

Map showing voyage track

Update: damaged Antarctic resupply vessel will dock in Western Australia

Antarctic resupply ship heads for WA Read more

A portrait photo of a white man with grey hair wearing a shirt and tie.

New Chair of the Australian Antarctic Science Council

The Australian Antarctic Science Council has a new Chair, with the appointment… Read more

front of ship in sea ice

Update: fire on Australia’s Antarctic resupply vessel

MPV Everest update after an engine room fire on board yesterday Read more

MPV Everest on the Southern Ocean with icebergs in the background

Engine room fire on MPV Everest extinguished

Engine room fire on board Australia’s chartered Antarctic resupply vessel… Read more

Voyage heads home after extended resupply mission

Epic resupply mission of two research stations ends with voyage north Read more

Scientists in operations  room

Thanks a krillion: Antarctic voyage delivers breakthrough science

Ambitious Southern Ocean research returns home Read more

2021 stamp from Australian Antarctic Territory showing harpist on ice

Antarctic arts grace new Australian stamps

New stamp issue features Antarctic artists Read more

Two people looking at a piece of electronic equipment.

Behind the scenes of a krill block-buster

An Antarctic science voyage is a bit like a Hollywood movie - it's… Read more

Person looking through large binoculars on bow of ship.

Whale watching in Antarctica

Whale watching in Antarctica isn’t one endless Insta moment, but it comes… Read more

large seabird in flight over ocean

Tough old bird sets new band record

Longevity record for exceptional northern giant petrel Read more

close-up of royal penguin looking directly at camera

World Wildlife Day: a year on Macca

Wild wonders of a remote sub-Antarctic island Read more

A white, rectangular metal frame with small cameras attached in waterproof housings.

Swimming with krill

The first ever deployment of a novel camera system has provided an eye-to-eye… Read more

Smiling man, portrait photo

Living the dream: new Station Leader for Macquarie Island

The 2021 Station Leader for Macquarie Island research station is Derek… Read more

Man seated on a chair in front of a piano

Music and art head south for the Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship

Multi-award winning Australian musician and composer musician David Bridie… Read more

Macquarie Island research station

Macquarie Island station renovation

Renovation plans for Macquarie Island research station Read more

scientists looking at tundra on Macquarie Island

Sub-Antarctic research sparks Australia-wide study of ecosystem collapses

National study of 19 cases of ecosystem collapse across Australia Read more

Computer rendering of proposed Turkish Antarctic Research Station at Horseshoe Island

Environmental evaluations of station proposals from Turkey and New Zealand

Public comments open on draft Comprehensive Environmental Evaluations Read more

A krill with its moulted exoskeleton in a small jar.

Bacterial hitchhikers tell tales of Antarctic krill dispersal

Using bacteria to define Antarctic krill populations could improve conservation… Read more

photo, artwork and beanie

Hats off to headstrong Antarctic artist

Bespoke beanie designs based on expeditioner photos Read more

Woman in blue

"It's a people job for me": new Station Leader bound for Davis

The 2021 Station Leader for Davis research station is Esther Rodewald. Read more

Man portrait shot

"It's very exciting": new Mawson Station Leader ready for the challenge

Introducing the new Station Leader for Mawson research station for 2021. Read more

A single Antarctic krill against a black background

Explore Antarctica

Take a deep dive into Australia’s Antarctic science and activities in… Read more

man in protective gear with large white balloon and ozone sonde

Good news on ozone: world scientists make global assessment

2020 global update on ozone hole, UV radiation and climate change Read more

large red and white ship with helipad next to the ice

Minor incident on board the MPV Everest

A small fire on board the MPV Everest this morning has been extinguished. Read more

Research Vessel Investigator at sea.

Getting the measure of krill

Novel camera technologies will help Antarctic scientists study krill from… Read more

man sits on the ice with emperor penguin

‘Hi buddy’: the story of one emperor penguin and an Antarctic expeditioner

The story of one man's encounters with an emperor penguin Read more

doctor sits next to dental dummy

From Queenstown to Macca for top Tassie doctor

It's hard to imagine a more remote doctor's surgery location… Read more

penguin feeds chick

Gentoo poo and satellite tracking shows way to sustainable krill fishery

Managing competition between penguin predators and krill fishery at South… Read more

man at microscope with counter

To the Moon and back: AAD leads 30 years of plankton surveys in the Southern Ocean

AAD leads 30 years of plankton surveys in Southern Ocean Read more

‘State-of-the-art’ resupply ship departs Hobart for Antarctica

Australia's first Antarctic voyage for 2021 Read more

Two women in surgical scrubs stand over a hospital operating theatre

Antarctic tradies in training for medical emergencies

The AAD’s world-leading lay surgical assistant program prepares tradies… Read more