One man relaxing in an armchair, with another man kneeling beside him with a mock microphone, as if conducting a TV interview

An inquisitive diesel mechanic sets out in search of tradie truths Read more

Two men standing on a metal grille landing attached to a tall building with a red-painted metal exterior. A tracked vehicle with a flatbed in tow is parked on the snowy ground behind them. The sky is soft blue in the early morning light

Mysterious forces are at work at Casey … Read more

Two men stand on either side of an indoor flagpole bearing the Australian and New Zealand flags. A man with military medals on his jacket stands in front of them, reading aloud from a programme

Casey commemorates the Anzac legend Read more

A white paper napkin folded into the shape of a rabbit's head, placed on a dining table in front of some wine bottles

Easter explorations and celebrations at Casey Read more

A towering cloud formation in the sky, appearing as flat layers rising from a fluffy base, widening out on top, with a nebulous column rising through the middle

Weather Observer Barry shares some scenery of the skies and grounds around… Read more

A close-up of an elephant seal lying amid smears of bodily waste in a rocky hollow

Last interactions with Casey's summer wildlife Read more

Three people out on the snow in front of a large, open transport container containing assorted trunks, toolboxes and other gear. They are examining some drilling apparatus, a slim cylindrical device a few metres long, mounted on a metal stand in a horizontal position

Testing traverse vehicles and scientific equipment for a future expedition Read more

A Basler aircraft, bright orange with a white underside and ski apparatus fixed to its front wheels, is parked on a flat, snowy plain under a clear blue sky

Chef Justin reflects on the summer past and looks ahead at the winter to… Read more

Two long bundles of ropes laid out down a gentle snowy slope, towards an ocean bay. Some people in winter jackets and helmets are inspecting the ropes' layout

Search and rescue training exercises at Casey Read more

An A319 passenger plane has just landed on a wide, flat plain of snow and ice. A cloud of snow is kicked up in its wake as it goes down the ice runway. The glow of sunrise gently lights the scene

Expedition mechanic Harry on his time at Wilkins Aerodrome Read more

Ten tradesmen wearing high-vis work clothing, sunglasses, caps and beanies seated together in a row on a metal beam and smiling for the camera. The ground is covered with snow and a low, rocky hillside can be seen behind them

Intrepid reporter/engineer Shaun gives an overview of Casey’s summer… Read more

Two posters printed on A4 paper hung on a wall. The first features photos of ships in an icy Southern Ocean, with text: "Casey Talk: The Future of Antarctica's Marine Science - by Nicole Webster". The second poster features a photo of a person standing on the ruined stump of a large tree in a forest logging area, with text: "Casey Talk - What Can Art Do? - by Janet Laurence"

Scientific research, a showcase of professional and amateur arts and crafts,… Read more

An aerial view of the edge of a glacier where it meets the ocean. The glacier looks like a great, white coastline, with low, dune-like wave formations and rugged, rock-like texture.

Securing weather data from the field Read more

A roomful of people, some sitting on chairs, sofas or on the floor, some standing, looking up at a projector screen

Creative and sporting pursuits at Casey Read more

Three people, dressed up as a Christmas elf, Dr Seuss's Grinch and Santa Claus, huddled together and smiling for the camera

Station summer holiday extravaganza Read more

A cargo transport ship, surrounded by large chunks of sea ice

Restocked and ready for the year ahead Read more

Two large ships, one with a red hull, the other with a yellow hull, beside each other in the ocean, viewed over a rocky and snowy coastline. A number of icebergs are floating in the background, on the ocean horizon

Cargo and refuelling ships arrive at Casey station Read more

A young couple standing on top of a hill overlooking the ocean. The man is proposing marriage to the woman, offering her an engagement ring

Peter and Natasha's special Antarctic discovery: each other Read more

A group of people assembled in two rows for a photo between two snow vehicles. The front row are kneeling, most in the back row are holding skis and ski poles.

Fine weather brings out Casey research station members and their competitive… Read more